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PLEASE NOTE: PAYMENTS MADE EITHER WITHOUT -OR- WITH INCORRECT INVOICE NUMBER WILL BE DELAYED AND RESULT WITH NOT BEING CORRECTLY APPLIED TO YOUR ACCOUNT. YOUR ACCOUNT WILL BECOME/REMAIN PAST DUE and late fees and finance charges will still accrue if this occurs. If you have misplaced your invoice, reach out to for your invoice number PRIOR to making payment.

Confirm amount entered (or pre-filled) in Total Amount Due: section is accurate. If amount is NOT accurate, DO NOT SUBMIT PAYMENT.

Kindly reach out to us to have any corrections made prior to processing payment.

DOUBLE CHECK your credit card number, expiration, CVV and billing address prior to submitting. We are charged a fee for chargebacks, refunds due to error and credit card declines in the amount of $25.00 for each transaction. If we are charged, we will send you an invoice and copy of decline. Non-payment for these invoices after 15 days will be forwarded to collections.

You will receive a confirmation email, at the address you provide above, confirming your credit card has been charged.

You have confirmed the accuracy of all information provided and/or pre-filled in the fields above and are in agreement with terms stated within.